Paprika for Your Home

The deep rich color of paprika spice evokes an atmosphere that is warm and both soothing and exciting. We love how our Paprika Oz  and Amelia runner pairs with metallics and wood.

Here’s how Wendy uses spice in her own house:

When she traveled to India for the first time back in 2001, she just loved the spicy palette and palate! Wendy decided to create a little Indian style haven in the middle of Chicago, especially to warm up our cold Winter. She asked designer, Steve Quinlan from Object to help her in her pursuit of a vibrant vibe with exotic rich and saturated jewel tones juxtaposed with neutrals. The walls became a lovely Marigold color and they sprinkled pops of Paprika here and there to punch up the neutral woods and metallics and neutral couch.

From adventures in the Indian market, Wendy stashed rolls of fabric in her suitcase, and had piles of pillows sewn by local artisans once she got back to Chicago. The multi-textured and colored pillows all together created a global vibe for lounging.

The paprika spicy tones throughout the space create a welcoming and warm space for the many friends and family gatherings Wendy and her husband host in their home.

Photo: Color Palette

Wendy’s motto for home decor: Color makes everything tasty!

Happy decorating!