Celebrating Julie’s 20th Year


On December 3rd, we will be celebrating Julie Fitzgerald’s 20th year  anniversary with  Entertaining Company and we couldn’t be more excited to honor all of Julie’s hard work, creativity and dedication. Julie started as a sales consultant that really “did it all” in and out of the office. Some may not know that for many years Julie put together floral arrangements for a few of her clients, ran the accounting system and sold events all while raising three gorgeous daughters – we still don’t know how she did it all. We swear she is in two places at once sometimes! Julie has had many creative moments over the last 20 years at all types of events, but recently she came up with the idea of serving a kids entrée on a paint palette to go along with a watercolor themed Mitzvah – how cool!  It was a huge hit, and later new clients that attended the event were talking to Julie about the idea as inspiration for their own party, not realizing that Entertaining Company had catered the inspiring watercolor Mitzvah and Julie had created the food and presentation ideas.


Starting at the bottom and now as the General Manager of Entertaining Company, Julie said she has learned a lot along the way. From problem solving on the spot to staying calm and having patience for the stressful moments, she has learned to love the organized chaos and the fact that each day brings somethings new. Julie is always finding the silver lining, no matter how crazy a situation might be, and constantly amazes us with her attention to even the smallest of details. When we asked Julie about the things that have changed the most in the industry she said that things are constantly changing every year.  “The creativity is much more elevated and complex, and the competition pushes us to be more innovative with our designs”.  Julie stated that the most stressful part of her job is that “there aren’t 8 days in a week and more than 24 hours in a day,” and we couldn’t agree more.  Julie genuinely loves all of the people she works with which makes her job extremely easy.  If she was doing the same thing every day, working with the same people and never experiencing new challenges, she said she doesn’t know if she would still be here 20 years later.


We love her for playing Christmas music a little too early in the year, never forgetting anyone’s birthday, going above and beyond for everyone in the company and being the heart of our family here at Entertaining Company. When Julie first started here, EC was only catering a few events a month, with minimal staff and an extremely small work space.  Now, Entertaining Company caters multiple events a week sold by our team of fantastic sales consultants; Julie has loved watching this company grow and is excited for the changes to come. We cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication after all these years; Entertaining Company wouldn’t be where it is today with her!

Cheers to Julie and 20 more amazingly successful years!