New Artisan: Kelsey McDonnell

We are so pleased to welcome Kelsey McDonnell and her hand dyed textiles to The Storied Table. We especially love how Kelsey is inspired by the beauty of nature all around in her native Wyoming. Kelsey’s love of nature can be seen in her use of color. “When I look up from my work space and am greeted with the blue and whites of the sky and bluest peaked mountains, I would say these two colors, blue and white, are the most prominent in …. my textiles”. When we discovered the beautiful colors of Kelsey’s hand dyed indigo Shibori Tea Towels, Gray Tea Towels and Chef’s Mitts (gaga) we were hooked!  As a one woman business owner who loves the challenges and rewards of being a creative entrepreneur, Kelsey says “One of the greatest gifts I have received is the freedom to create whatever I want and to test out the market for some of the millions of ideas that run through my head.”  Kelsey says that making the lovely little kitchen towels and mitts are a labor of love. “I hand wrap, dye and wash each one, no two are alike” Kelsey says.

Kelsey found art in her college days and it came so naturally to her it was her ‘ah ha moment’.  One day, a photography professor very boldly asked why she wasn’t studying art. She switched her major that day and finished her schooling with an emphasis in photography and sculpture. She later taught herself to paint, which has become one of her greatest loves.  Later, when she became a mom, she knew she wanted to be a maker because she was always on the lookout for unique things for her children to use and one day she just decided to start making unique items herself. Kelsey would like people to know how much she loves what she does and how much of that love is transferred into everything she makes. As Kelsey herself says “I am not in the business of mass producing but rather in producing textiles… that carry with them a little bit of me and my story”.  We couldn’t agree more! We’re always so inspired by the artists we work with, and collaborating with and featuring them is one of the favorite parts of our own business.

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