Small Handmade Luxuries: Introducing New Products!

From an early age, I was entranced with finding a “STATEMENT” piece.  I always think small handmade luxuries make a home special, and  love accessorizing both at home and personally. One of my earliest memories as a teenager is my mother packing some cash and sending me off to New York with the directive to shop for “school clothes”. A few hours later, after traipsing through the city from west to east, I arrived home, breathless with excitement, to show my “find”, my sole purchase of the day, an artist made silver bracelet! Now, my mother certainly did not consider locating the perfect silver accessory the same as finding “school clothes”, but I can say that we still have this silver bracelet in the family and would have been long forgotten the clothes.

My approach to home décor isn’t much different. A subtle detailed element of the handmade, artisanal always makes my heart sing.  Unique home décor in the kitchen becomes as important as the menu itself. To this end, I recently added two new artisanal products to The Storied Table collection that will raise the everyday up from ordinary. We’re thinking that a wood board with calligraphy by Chicago artist Liz Dixon  is so much more exciting than a generic wood board from a box store. Our new hand dyed shibori tea towels likewise, give an artisanal handmade style lift to your everyday kitchen routine.  Why be ordinary?

With the new calligraphy boards and shibori tea towels, we’re continuing to expand upon the idea that small handmade luxuries make a “storied home”. Whether it’s a handmade ring dish, artisanal coasters or locally fabricated napkin rings, we are especially excited by artisanal “jewelry for the table” that makes a STATEMENT.

We are thrilled to be expanding The Storied Table’s inventory next week, and hope you all find a place in your home for these stunning handcrafted pieces. Happy shopping!