Luxe Lodge Trend

There is just something about the mix of cool earthy neutrals accented with a strong touch of earthy black. Lately we have been gravitating towards dark charcoal grays, matte pewter, and light beige, like Pantone’s Moonrock. On the moody end of the spectrum, we have long been inspired by the murky earthy natural palette and tones of Japanese Wabi Sabi. For interiors, now, a calming mood layered with a natural palette and many interesting textures is inspiring us.  We’re calling this trend “Luxe Lodge.” No that’s not its official name, but when we see a natural palette and textures and colors  of stone, slate, marble, rough and smooth wood, reflective surfaces, and marvelously soft table runners, we envision a warm, cozy lodge with stunning home décor, a great fire roaring and plentiful drinks and snacks; served on unique but purposeful ware.

This neutral color palette brings so much warmth and luxury into a home it is hard not to love, especially this time of year.   As we have searched through stores, magazines, blogs and eCommerce sites alike , this trend doesn’t seem to be complete without a fabulous faux fur throw.  The ombre of colors and patterns with contrasting textures make a room feel interesting yet chic in all the right ways!

While a warm and cozy vibe is happening throughout the family room, the kitchen is where you long for white walls with a touch of contrasting darker tones. Nothing says trendy like stepping outside the box with eye catching strong elements in an otherwise neutral and soothing room.

Soon we will be launching a lacquer collection and botanical collection that embodies this trend in a very chic and luxe way. Stay tuned!

Cheers! Wendy