Glassware Roundup

Cocktails with flavors of summer have us raising glasses from our The Storied Table Collection and offering a toast to warm summer evenings. We love having a group of friends over and mixing up some cocktails from seasonal fresh ingredients.

First we grab a group of our favorite glasses from Mexico, The Hilary, The Pippa, The Ariel and The Phoebe, bring out some ice and juices and fruits and go to work!

We take our sangria seriously! The artisan Mexican Multipurpose Hilary glass, is perfect for sipping Sangria with red wine, peaches, and strawberries.

A Margarita in our Ariel Glass is perfect for hosting guests by the pool!

A large Phoebe glass, is lovely for enjoying a refreshing fruity cocktail, that’s not too over-the-top sweet! Here’s our favorite summer recipe.

The Pippa glass is marvelous for an intimate cocktail party. Impress your guests by presenting a martini much like the Cucumber and Green Teani in the Pippa glass!

Here’s to your warm weather entertaining. Cheers!