Wedding Tabletop Design, Mexican Style!

Throughout this month, in honor of the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we are going South of the Border to Mexico and sharing design and food inspirations.

We were lucky enough to spend some time in San Miguel Allende (SMA) Mexico recently with Guadalupe Alvarez from Penzi Weddings. One of Guadalupe’s specialities is creating, for her bridal couples, unique and creative tabletop beauty. The sensuous surroundings and indigenous flora of San Miguel Allende, Mexico, as well as the craftsman that can create made to order elements for Guadalupe are the raw material for this fabulous wedding art. Guadalupe commissions local craftspeople to produce, for her bridal couples, everything from wedding wood dining tables, to ceramic floral vases, to handmade ceramic dining plates.

We caught up with Guadalupe and talked to her about her booming destination wedding business and how San Miguel Allende informs her visual eye.


Q: How did you get into the business of planning weddings in SMA?

I love making people happy, and I have always been a bit controlling so it is the perfect combination, being a San Miguel native I wanted to share this interesting romantic, and beautiful little town with the world. I also thought it was very easy! And of course I was wrong this is the most difficult and challenging job I have ever had, but the one that gives me the most rewards.

Q: Why would someone decide to have a destination wedding in SMA (San Miguel Allende)?

Oh, for many reasons…romantic, colonial, small, fun, historic, sophisticated jet simple, great food, amazing weather. And mostly for the people, we are very warm!

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

The couple, traveling, San Miguel, beauty, my grandmother, Instagram, Pinterest, the planners..anything is a source of inspiration.

Q: You are known for gorgeous décor and tabletop designs. Where do you source elements?

I dedicated 25 years to produce housewares and bags, sometimes I would design, sometimes my clients design, and to this day design and produce a lot of our elements in San Miguel, then we go to shows mostly in the USA to source fabrics, pieces of décor that we cannot get in Mexico, we search antique stores and of course Ebay!

Q: Most surprising request?

One that I was not able to fulfill, a helicopter dropping 10, 000 rose petals at the end of the church, but the city did not allow this.

Q: What is your favorite wedding and why?

My favorite wedding is your wedding, is the wedding I am producing today…because it is all about the love that this couple has for each other and for their family and friends is about how this event is going to make them feel, is not the décor or the cake is the love that you can feel that day, is the love that we have for our work. Next week my favorite is that one!!

Guadalupe can be reached at, and here is just a glimpse at her team’s unique talent with tabletops.

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