Summer is a State of Mind

Summer is officially “over” on Labor Day but we’re not buying any of that! If the sun is shining we want to be outdoors.  In fact, we’re making the most of the outside.

There’s something about the outside that makes everything seem a bit more casual. Of course “casual” means different things to different people and partly we need to translate what our clients’ mean.


We loved this recent 50th Birthday Celebration we catered in Michigan. Guests were greeted with Old Fashion Lemonade Vodkas with striped straws as well as Watermelon and Feta Stack Skewers. Dinner was a combination of casual family style along with very proper French Style served entrees of Grilled Citrus Herbed Halibut and Maple Barbecue Chicken to be followed by birthday cake and just baked chocolate chips.

Sometimes “outside” is on an urban rooftop atop the garage out back . Hors d’oeuvres were served inside, then guests moved to the roof for a family style dinner while being serenaded by a surprise trio from the house balcony. For dessert, guests moved downtairs to the firepit where a artisanal s’mores menu was posted. Sweet treats for all and a Single Malt Scotch Bar was offered for those who prefer their sweet with savory.

We loved this “casual” buffet that we catered in Michigan at the direction of  Rachel de Marte (Link to Rachel, Plan Party Style). What could be better than a day in the country? Especially for us city folks.