Take-Aways Ideas & Inspirations

Simple can be stunning, right? We’re often found dreaming about how to serve our food as much as what to serve. We’re considering how fast do our client’s need to eat? Do we have teeny tiny space for food and beverage service? (we once came up with a way to serve 400 guest from one eight food table but that’s another blog)….will the client be standing and eating? Here are our some of our favorite conundrums and solutions!


The Trunk Club Surprise Party

A client asked us to surprise his wife, a manager at The Trunk Club (link to Trunk Club) for her birthday! We wanted to surprise the team, make it especially “work related” as well as using the minimal staff and set up so as to maintain the “shhhhh” of it all. “Trunk” is ALL ABOUT THE BOXES so we thought those would make fantastic mobile food stations that could be delivered and set up in no time flat~ everyone was completely surprised and delighted! Goal!



Martini Glass Buffet Table

Space is always a challenge, not enough of it! How to create an opulent display and take up almost no room? Here’s how we did it for one of our fave brides, incorporating her heritage and saving some floor space for dancing at The Ivy Room.



Mojitos in a Mason Jar

We don’t drink and drive but sometimes our guests need to drink and walk. The Mojito in a jar was a tongue in chic nod to state fairs at a very upscale outdoor event. Walking the grounds at Elawa Farms without even a glass to distract was simply refreshing.



Stacked Deli Sandwiches

Manly food! Something substantial and easy to eat! That’s how we can up with our stacked deli sandwich. Lots of flavor, lots of easy eating, with a paper wrap so as not to make a mess.



Lunch Boxes In A Pinch

Eating on the run? Our Bat Mitzvah girl’s mother wondered how to feed hungry kids, quickly, with very little muss and fuss and IN A HURRY. The kids needed to board a bus and be off to the next party so we set everything out and depending on timing~ the kids grabbed the boxes or enjoyed them at the table. Individual boxes also allowed us to customize for vegan, GF, no nuts…easy easy easy.



More Take Away Solutions on our website at Simple Style.