Our 3 Favorite Midnight Snacks

We love the nightlife.  We love to boogie. But after a few hours divided between the dance floor and the bar, a midnight snack will help keep your guests festive into the wee hours.

We have found that late night foods that are most appreciated come from the category of all things crave-able. Fat, sugar, and carbs are the order of the midnight hour.  (Patty Melts wrapped in wax paper! Grilled Cheese Triangles! Sliders over Mini Frosty Beer Mugs!) We’re addicted to fun foods with clever presentations that will inspire ohhs and ahhs.

Here’s the midnight trio that’s been stopping traffic at Entertaining Company parties of late:

Summer-Treats-SliderTruffle Fries with WOW Ketchup

So very easy to serve in paper cones from a hawker’s tray, fresh-from-the-fryer fries that have been kissed with truffle oil and accompanied by homemade ketchup spiked with a little heat are irresistible when they come for you.

Spicy Mac and Cheese Balls

Presented on a bed of intoxicatingly bright red fire-y Cheetos, mac and cheese balls that have been re-imagined with a coating of crispy panko bread crumbs before taking a swim through a fryer are a fantasy come true after an evening of fanciful festivities.

Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

Salty and sweet will always win the day…and small paper bags overflowing with ruffled potato chips that have been dipped in dark chocolate are a simple but noteworthy revelation. You can spend days working on a menu, but these little treats at the end of the evening will be all that anyone talks about in the days following the fun.