Flavor Bomb

At Entertaining Company, this month we’re catching fire creating explosive flavor in exciting small bite portions.

Taste buds, wake up!

The perfect marriage of flavors and texture in one bite — that defines a “Flavor Bomb”, Entertaining Company-style.

From around the globe, here are some of our favorites for summer.

Crispy. Spicy. Creamy. POP!

Name: Antojitos

Traditionally handheld and wrapped in some kind of maize, perfect for street eating while on the go — think tostadas, chalupas, and small tacos — antojitos (“little cravings,”) woo us with warm weather eating and showcase texture and flavor in small crispy packages.

The EC Antojito Standout this Summer: The Entertaining Company “tweak” reformats the traditional tortilla into a crispy cup and adds shrimp ceviche with avocado cream. This one bite shows off a serious pop of flavor while standing up, for effortless warm weather entertaining.

Name: Zakuski

“Zakuski” is derived from the word “morsel” and these morsels are bold. Russian cocktail bars are studded with tiny plates of assertive flavor that makes an impression.  Smoked herring, spiced carrot salad, potatoes with dill, and black rye bread served with pickled onions and beets were once served outside of the Czar’s main dining room with cocktails.  Today, these small plates pepper the early evening bar scene and allow everyone to serve themselves small tastes to pair with their aperitif.

The EC Zakuski Standout this Summer : Deviled eggs with salmon roe and green onion.

Name: Tapas

Originally served on little plates that covered a glass of wine to keep the flies out tapas  inspired a “small plate/sharing”

Photo Credit: Saveur Online

phenomenon that has dominated the culinary trends for the past decade. Flavor-forward by nature, spices like paprika, cumin, and saffron, mingle assertively with chilies and garlic. Ordinary foods become extraordinary quickly with that Spanish flair. Melon wrapped with jamon (Spanish ham) patatas brava (spicy potatoes) and olives stuffed with chilies, are simple, but pack a big wow and flavor bomb punch.

The EC standout this summer: Cherry peppers stuffed with tuna, capers, and breadcrumbs, just like these beauties that were recently featured on Saveur online.

Name: Cicheti
Venice, Italy

In Venetian Osteries (pub-restaurants,) Cicheti are tiny-but-bold snacks served with drinks. Think: spicy meatballs, asparagus spears wrapped with crispy pancetta, or small sandwiches called “tramezzini” such as roasted tomato and prosciutto panini. Want to know more?  We love Carol Field’s cookbook on the topic.

The EC standout this summer: Saveur got us seriously craving these Arancini Veneziani —you had us at fried little bites of creamy risotto.  (Naturally, a glass of Prosecco and a sunset would be a lovely idea as well….)