Stay Tuned: The Wedding Sessions

For today’s blog entry, we have a special guest star!  Drum roll please…Anthony Navarro of Liven It Up Events!

The energetic and charismatic Mr. Navarro and I spent a high-octane morning this week, as we traded ideas and inspirations on camera.  We’ve been having spirited conversations, over cocktails surrounding the topic: “What We Wish the Brides of Chicago Knew” and these cathartic cocktail hours morphed into the idea of filming one of our rapid-fire ideation sessions for the Wedding World to see.  I mean, the real skinny…tips and tricks and explanations from a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Caterer.

We’ve dubbed these videos, counting six-in-all at the moment, The Wedding Sessions….they’re super high-energy and casual, edited on our Macs, and capture Anthony and I trading ideas across a wide range of wedding related topics.

Launching next Tuesday, topics range from “Wedding Planner, Why?” to “Off-Premise vs. Hotel Weddings,” to “Buffets vs. Seated/Plated Dinner?” (Which is less expensive?  You might be surprised…) “Developing a Menu That Will Make all your Guests Happy” and finally,  “What to Expect when You’re (Wedding) Tasting”.

From the many services of bridal planners and caterers, it occurs to me that education and orientation to the wedding industry itself is one of the most valuable. In everyday life, our brides and grooms are savvy with jobs and making their way in the world. Because the process of “getting married” is unique in a life… no one goes to school for this training of how to be a bride and groom… experienced consultants like Anthony and I, as a caterer in business for 22 years, can make valuable contributions as to how to navigate the process and what to expect. Less time and less effort on the part of the couple. More reliance on the experts…we’re in the business of “getting married” every weekend!

Anthony and I are looking forward to sharing what we’ve learned along the way in the upcoming “Wedding Sessions”. Stay tuned!