The Entertaining Company Chronicles, Part II: No One Will Go Hungry

I am always amazed by Chef Shawn Doolin and his team, and now that we turned the cameras on in his kitchen, I know you will be too.

I always say that Shawn, in addition to being an amazing chef, is also part engineer and part magician. There is nothing that he and his team can’t pull off. And, at this point, he can almost read my mind.

In this episode, we follow Chef Shawn behind the stoves as he takes all of the ideas and inspirations that we’ve shared with him on paper and turns them into an amazing menu befitting of a Red Carpet!

Tune in below for our latest installment of the Entertaining Company Chronicles, where you’ll see Chef Shawn Doolin juggle the planning and production of an amazing event!

INSPIRATION: Big Flavor, Small Package

Barbecued Duck Served on Toasted Cornbread Rounds

Short Rib Bao with Dollop of Hoisin

Warm Potstickers with Beef Short Ribs & Wild Mushrooms

Samba Rolls with Smoked Salmon & Avocado