“Deck The Halls” at the Old Post Office

A Buzzy New Venue

Yesterday evening we “decked the halls” at the Old Post Office — one of Chicago’s buzziest new venues. Closed since 1996, the space at 433 W. Van Buren Street was once the largest office *in the world*, sending Sears and Montgomery Ward packages across the country. The space has undergone a drastic *800 million dollar* renovation and has been restored to its original luster and magic. The quick stats? 2.5 million square feet of space (soon to be home to some of the country’s most prestigious businesses – Walgreens, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Uber Freight, and Ferrara Candy Co.), and 80,000 square feet of pure amenities (billiards and bocce, boxing ring and gym, and co-working spaces throughout). The space is expected to hold between 12-14K employees, and is set to restore a once abandoned part of the city into a bustling hub.

Our event was a celebration of the beauty and grandeur of the space, created by the Executive Productions team, and led by Audrey Lakin at Executive Productions, Ltd. for about 300 guests. Some of the highlights? Champagne served by gymnasts from 100 foot tall silks, hor d’oeuvres served on stilts, a “keg-way” serving local beer, insane raw bar (fried oysters, anyone?) the Gold Coast Allstars, performances from NewMoon, and 300 of Chicago’s best and brightest enjoying the holiday swing, the city laid out before them.

The Menu

The menu was theatrical, oceanic and delicious, some highlights include: local IPAs and auburn brews served on the “Keg-Way” (a rolling seg-way!); candy cane martinis; Christmas apple martinis; seared baby lamb chops; Medjool dates stuffed with boursin; burrata pate; brie and raspberry preserve bites; fried oysters; lobster sliders; jumbo shrimp cocktail; a feast of cheese and charcuterie and a hot chocolate bar.

We loved getting to spend an evening in the gorgeous Old Post Office and feel a renewed commitment to snail mail (our favorite hobby). Happy holidays!