Thanksgiving Tableaus We Love

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW and at this point, you’re probably knee deep in recipes for turkey stuffing and/or cooling out with family and friends by a well-stoked fire, letting the chaos unfold.

We like both options and we love Thanksgiving.  Every holiday is a personal dreamscape. The menu, the place settings, the candles and florals, the specialty cocktail, china patterns — these are all components of a personalized and thoughtful holiday that’s built on the details of your choosing. 

This Thanksgiving we’re excited about effervescent holiday tableaus, which play on a non-traditional angle (French romance! Miami fairytale! Ambiguously magical and cinematic!). We did a quick round up of images that got our hearts and minds beating a little quicker. If you’re finalizing the raffia around your place settings right now — we commend you. And if you’re scrambling for decor inspiration, here’s a little something to throw your way (we suggest a cocktail in hand, as well). 

Happy Thanksgiving! From our table to yours. 

French Romantic

We love the soft, natural tones of this tabletop – and the incorporation of non-traditional materials and florals. Evocative of a farm dinner (curated with the finest linens, fruits, cheeses, and nibbles) — this is a modern fairy tale. Who says Thanksgiving has to mean plaid?

Miami Fairytale

Image via: Fiona Leahy Design

As over the top as it gets, this tabletop serves up technicolor drama and is a feast for the senses. Can we swing an invite?

Dark Prairie

We are in love with the dark details and naturalistic color palette of this decor scheme. The black candles add a little drama, pairing beautifully against the clean light.

One more dramatic tableau before we go! The moody lighting, rough wood, and slightly rougher looking ceramics add some home grown beauty to this look.