Porsche VIP Launch Party

The Brief

Porsche is announcing a brand-new eco-friendly electric car model with a sensational launch party. The planner, a longtime EC partner – needs an appropriately fine-tuned culinary and mixology concept for the evening, which will be at a Porsche dealership with a VIP guest list. The vibe should be modern and sustainable, and the details need to be totally signature. 


Kenny, resident culinary, mixology and design wunderkind at EC, thinks about the brand meaning and event purpose. That is, Porsche is known for perfect function married to the highest level of aesthetic automotive packaging (and is now launching its first-ever electric car). The launch of the new car is built on a tradition of luxurious, unique customization and design-forward styling. And it has to meet extravagant customer requests. He wonders: how can these themes find their way into the food, beverage and staff plan for this event?

The presentation is crafted to focus on singularity and uniqueness. Rather than a large format buffet, Kenny designs a collection of beautifully composed small plates so that guests can pick and choose among various food forward options. 

Kenny plays an instrumental role in the styling and production of the event decor, and hand selects elements that are as luxe as they are earthy: driftwood pieces, floating candles, moss balls, bamboo plates and utensils, calla lilies and long candles.

Kenny builds a menu that leans into clean, locally sourced ingredients (flora, fauna, edibles, herbs, farm produce). And naturally, everything served – from cocktails to appetizers – is color-blocked in green tones. Culinary and mixology highlights include kiwi martinis, green margaritas, pistachio-crusted lamb lollipops, oysters with cucumber wasabi granita, and spicy tuna tartar. The highlight? A green leaf wrapping station for sesame-crusted ahi tuna, grilled tofu, and steak wedges. 

The staff aesthetic and vibe is a part of the overall design of Kenny’s plan for this client. EC staff is hand-selected for their experience working with our most discerning luxury clients as well as their look and style. Professional models are also contracted and added to our team to enhance the overall aesthetics of the event experience. 

To learn more about Porsche, visit: https://www.porsche.com/usa/