Rhubarb From Beginning to End

Rhubarb is finally in season and our chefs cannot wait to start using this healthful vibrant herbaceous perennial. We enjoy using this vegetable in both savory and sweet recipes as well as a seasonal ingredient for colorful signature cocktails. Our Creative Culinary Director, Executive Chef and Mixologist worked together to create signature EC rhubarb offerings from fresh ingredients that you’ll want to try this season.

First is a Rhubarb Crisp Sangria. Tis’ the season for fruity sangria, so Tom created a cocktail that is a mixture of tart rhubarb flavors sweetened with a sparkling rose. Muddled fresh strawberries are his fruit of choice for this drink. The fruit is first Infused with vanilla bean essence to transform this sangria into rhubarb pie in a glass. The glass was garnished with a rhubarb stalk “stirrer” and tied with fresh vanilla bean. Cheers!

Next is a beautiful bowl of frozen strawberry cream cheese parfait. The parfait is garnished with a rhubarb meringue, dehydrated rhubarb shards and a crushed almond crumble. It’s a refreshingly tart dessert that not only looks stunning but tastes amazing as well. Below, the cream cheese parfait is shown on a family style scale but could easily be sized down to be served as an individual petit sweet at your next event.

Last, Chef Matt created an elevated vanilla bean ice cream dessert that is almost too pretty to eat. He started out by freshly baking a cinnamon spiced cake that paired perfectly with the ice cream. The plate was lightly painted with a strawberry cream cheese and finished off with a rhubarb semifreddo. Chef garnished this dish with rhubarb chips and fresh mint.