Employee Spotlight: Lisa Ware

Lisa Ware recently joined our team this year as the Director Sales. She has lived in Chicago for a little over four years and has already made a name for herself in the event industry. Making her a great asset to our sales teams! Read more about Lisa’s involvement in the event industry and what she enjoys doing when she isn’t creating gorgeous events. Linked here.

Since Lisa has recently joined Entertaining Company, we sat down with her to learn a little bit more about why she loves events as well as what food items of ours she can’t get enough of!

What is your favorite part of an event?

“Oh gosh – this is a hard one.  If I had to name only one – my favorite part of an event is the calm right before the event is about to begin and the guests are about to arrive.  I love to walk around the event and see every detail that you have worked on come to life. Everyone is in their positions and there is excitement and anticipation in the air.  I like to be at the entrance and greet the guests and be at the ready to give my client a drink and be there when they see the event space for the first time. We are part of so many events in the catering world so that spark in my clients eye when they see their event for the first time is my favorite.”

Name one EC menu item you could eat every day.

“It has been so fun to sit in at all these tastings and taste all the delicious food.  My favorite (so far) is the chicken and waffle cone. The perfect bite of a crunchy and savory waffle cone, spicy jalapeno, sweet bourbon maple glazed chicken with a dusting of powdered sugar.  Delicious!”

What is your favorite part about working in the event industry?

“My favorite part about the event industry is how every day is different and the industry constantly challenges you to be better, more innovative and more creative.  The industry is constantly evolving. I also love how supportive we are of each other in this industry. Some of my closest friends are other vendors I work with at events.”

What made you interested in joining Entertaining Company?

“I wanted the opportunity to join a growing team and be part of the building process as the team grows.  I have always been impressed by the delicious food and AMAZING displays that Entertaining Company does.  I met Wendy and Julie and knew that this was a great fit for me.”

What are the top (3) trends you see in food and design? How would  you like to integrate into Entertaining Company?

“I think that vegetables remain a huge trend in 2018!  They are being served anyway possible – pickled, roasted, raw, fried or any way you can dream up.  People are really more conscious about what they are eating and veggies are so trendy which I love!   The farm to table trend definitely is continuing in 2018 – as people are more conscious of their health, they are wanting to know where their food is sourced from. Local is always best in my mind!  I think that really fun and innovative mocktails and creative teas will be a huge trend in 2018!”

What does the future look like? What do you most look forward to creating and developing at Entertaining Company?

“As a former Kindergarten teacher – is it cheesy to say “the future looks so bright, I have to wear shades?”  Entertaining Company is an amazing company with the best culture I have ever worked in.  The food is really spectacular too.  With that combination – the future is limitless.  I am excited to build on existing relationships, expand to new venues, and uncover new opportunities.  I look forward to getting involved with different associations in Chicago and really expanding the brand across all types of events.  I am really excited to create long lasting tools for success for my Sales team.  Look out Chicago – Entertaining Company has great things in store!”