New Cocktail Launch

We are thrilled to be launching over 10 new culinary crafted cocktails. Created by our beverage manager, Tom Sierra. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below. Stay tuned for the full list of cocktails including a handful of creative mocktails. Each drink is great for an event’s signature cocktail or a cocktail that will wow your guests once they arrive to the party. Which one will you add to your next menu?


The “Lunch Lady” is served in a glass milk carton, bringing the little kid out in all of us. This cocktail is sure to be a show stopper at your next event. Vanilla infused bourbon with a splash of Kahlua, semi-sweet chocolate bitters and our favorite childhood cereal, coco puff essence. We think this cocktail would be so fun an adult milestone birthday, bridal shower party or the adult cocktail for a bar/bat mitzvah. Our bartenders are looking forward to mixing this one up you and your guests!


A Korean inspired cocktail, the Komorebi is a refreshing, fruity concoction with a mix of unique flavors. Koval vodka is our liquor of choice. Infused with a poached Korean pear, and mixed with ratafia wine and a spoon full of seasonally fresh cherry jam. All topped off with sparkling Acai soda for some added carbonation. This cocktail would be great for outdoor summer parties or a nontraditional drink to serve at your wedding.


Hosting a tropical themed event and want to really wow your guests? Allow us to mix up the Message In A Bottle cocktail. This fun cocktail is served in a corked bottle, filled with refreshing coconut water and house-made toasted coconut infused rum. Naturally sweetened with agave nectar and fresh pineapple juice. This will transport you and your guests to a more tropical location, one sip at a time!


A tribute to the late Prince, the Purple Rain cocktail is both beautiful and delicious. We love a good gin drink and our staff is a big fan of the products created by CH Distillery. The Purple Rain cocktail is a mix of CH Distillery’s gin, as well as freshly brewed butterfly tea with a splash of citrus for the vibrant purple color. Garnished with a sprig of fresh rosemary, and topped with a splash of tonic. Our beverage manager guarantees this will be a favorite this season.