Power Snacking

Nothing fuels our EC team better than a midday snack break. Sometimes coffee just isn’t enough! That’s why we incorporate snack trays into all of our simple style drop off menus for you to have delivered to your office. Each tray has items that are fresh, healthful and packed with a balanced mixture of ingredients.

One of our favorite snack trays is the Asian Snack Tray. It’s a spread of vegetarian California rolls, gluten free spring rolls and sesame crusted chicken makki. This tray is perfect for carnivores and herbivores alike! All accompaniments included, just invite your team.

Another staff favorite is the classic Snack Tray. Roasted mixed nuts, freshly popped popcorn, gluten free tortilla, vegetable crisps, vegan rosemary crackers and of course, salsa! Set this tray out in your common room and we guarantee your team will love it.

Sometimes we just need  more than a handful of nuts and popcorn. That’s why the Four Layer Power Sandwich is a great option for those extra busy work days. Layered with fresh avocado slices, a hummus spread and a mix of veggies, it’s our most satisfying snack option yet. Ask for it on our gluten free cheese bread, you won’t regret it!

Happy Snacking!

Entertaining Company