Moveable Feast

After a few cold winter months,  we all start to get a little tired of spending so much time indoors. There tends to be a lot of lounging around. Catching up on TV shows and movies and contemplating whether or not you’re going to serve homemade chili for dinner or pick something up from your favorite restaurant on your way home from work. All to be enjoyed around the dinner table, once again. Which is why we are recommending adding some movement into dinner service and avoid getting stuck around the dinner table. Invite friends and family over and gather them for a mid-winter dinner party. Rolling carts, and bookshelves are two of our favorite ways to create a moveable feast to get people moving!

Rolling Carts

Typically, most people think rolling carts are just used for serving cocktails. Acting as a mini home bar, stocked with a few cute bar tools and a small selection of liquor for those evenings that require more than a glass of wine. While those do look really great in a home, we are giving them another use. Desserts being rolled around a room are a fun way to serve the final course, as well as get more people involved. So often, guests don’t make it to the dessert station and the host is left with a lot of leftover sweets. That’s why we love the use of a rolling cart for serving food as well as cocktails.


We see this trend so often. Decor companies like HMR Designs and Kehoe Designs, will actually bring in shelving structures to act as a more elevated way of serving food along with housing smaller decor details throughout an event. While you’re hosting your friends and family at home, you can still use this same concept by utilizing shelving around your home. It’s a great way to serve small plates of food that guests can easily grab and go as they want without having a specific time for eating.

Get creative this winter and keep the party moving. Less sitting and more mingling, in our opinion, makes the overall event a lot of fun. Think outside the box when it comes to food and present things in a whole new way.  Time to stop getting trapped around a buffet or dining room table.