EC Real Event: Galleria Marchetti Tented Wedding

This beautiful wedding was a challenge we gladly accepted. The client wanted the room and party to look like a residential living room. Rather than a commercial event space. HMR Designs completely transformed the tent at Galleria Marchetti. The space was so elegant and non traditional. Our chefs knew that our food presentation should be beautifully detailed to match the residential elegance of the room. Our team did not disappoint!

The clients wanted their guests to feel as if they were celebrating their wedding within a home and requested that all food should be stationed. This is why we created a menu of items in tiny vessels that were easy for their guests to grab and go throughout the reception but also easily replenished as needed. Each thing fit perfectly within the trendy, gold bookshelves by HMR Designs. The bookshelves were decorated with two different types of cold gazpacho sips. White porcelain tasting spoons filled with fresh tuna ceviche. And mini, individual champagne coupe glasses layered with a vibrant watermelon radish salad.

One of the challenges we faced was that there wasn’t a lot of seating for people to have large plates of food. But we also didn’t want the guests to leave hungry. Therefore, in addition to the smaller bites of food within the bookshelves we served heartier dishes from action stations that were major center pieces to the room. We had a custom ice block made to keep the ahi tuna cold while we served it. Surrounded by ice planks filled with accompaniments like chopped green onions, peppers and fresh herbs that the guests could choose from. There was also a chef carving station of baby lamb chops with a spread of seasonally fresh roasted root vegetables. Everything was able to be enjoyed while still standing allowing the wedding guests to eat and continue mingling with the rest of the party. Nothing required a large plate or a full set of flatware.