Let’s Party, Mila!

What a sweet daughter! Actress Mila Kunis recently surprised her parents with a dramatic transformation of their condo. You might have seen the video on Houzz , Refinery 29, US Weekly, InStyle or the many other blogs and sites where the happiness of her parents is shown. Loved the happy tears of Mila’s Mom as she saw the room for the first time.

We were so pleased to have our EC Home Store Banning runner included on Houzz as a featured product within that transformation! In re-doing the living space, Mila was guided by the overall feel of a sophisticated and yet family friendly style~ and we couldn’t agree more! A relaxed, not too “precious” sophisticated style is the overall vibe of everything at our home store. Home life and entertaining at home has now become an art form. Informal family-oriented gatherings and dinner parties have been experiences where hosts connect with family and friends in their own highly personal space. The table and all its accessories, including table runners like the Banning, have become a crucial element in creating a dramatic, rich and textured event.

Thank you, Mila for seeing your parents’ home as an oasis that should reflect a deliberate sense of style! Nothing too fussy, but in an increasingly technological world by putting special value on the human, the personal, the hand touched and handmade, you can have something unique at home. Our Banning textile, for instance, is fully natural and has been sewn with local craftsmanship here in Chicago. We always love creating a product for our client’s that is extraordinary for the everyday activities of their life. Our customer loves to entertain and knows how to throw a party! Thanks Mila for providing that wonderful surprise for your parents and here’s to many many future parties at home! We’re so excited that we’re keeping our Banning on sale for another week so our clients can enjoy the same style as Mila’s parents at their own parties.

Check or more fabulous work by Houzz Interior Designer Breeze Giannasio.

Happy decorating ~

Entertaining Company