New EC Culinary Position

We are constantly researching new and delicious dishes that are full of bold flavors to serve to our clients, including those who require a specialty meal that is gluten free, vegetarian or vegan and etc. Since Entertaining Company is all about customizing a menu perfect for you and your guests, we love the idea of having even more options for you to choose. That is why this Spring we are so extremely thrilled to announce that Shawn Doolin will be joining our culinary and events team once again as our new Creative Culinary Director! Shawn has so many ideas that we cannot wait to start implementing into our future menus this year that will truly blow away our clients and their guests. His innovation and creativity will be put to use right away as his new role will be all about putting creativity first, food second and business third. Shawn will be taking on the tasks of food trend research and helping our kitchen staff with the execution of these trends on site. Although we have known Shawn for 20+ years, we wanted to sit down with him and catch up on the things he has been doing, the aspects of his new position he is most excited for and what trends he thinks will be a huge asset to our company!

The interview started by simply getting a feel for what foods he is currently most interested in cooking and right away we were reminded of how great Shawn is at what he does. He stated that a healthier and lighter way of preparing food is huge right now but he loves using ingredients in innovative ways that no one has ever tried or seen. Shawn also discussed specialty/dietary restricted meals and how he plans to take them up a level with the goal of making everyone else at the table jealous of the vegan, nut free, no black pepper “rock star”. One of the things we love most about Shawn is the fact that he has traveled all over cooking with several types of cultural flavors that he was able to bring back here and give us fabulous ethnic dishes that embody so much flavor. When he isn’t traveling, and gaining hands-on experiences with new cuisine, Shawn gets inspired by attending events as much as possible to see firsthand what people are loving and what the waiters can’t seem to get rid of as well as eating out at as many different restaurants as he can. Once he’s got some ideas, it’s all about becoming the trend in his own kitchen. He states, “I would rather spend my time creating trends for others to follow than constantly chasing what everyone else is doing,” and his new position as our Creative Culinary Director will allow him to do just that.

Going into this new position, Shawn looks forward to working with our talented team, getting inspired with innovative ideas and is eager to educate himself with as many experiences as possible.My experiences are what influence my food, and they need to be forever changing.”  He said that the excitement for any new project is when an idea transpires and he can see the path so clearly that he’s instantly willing to do the impossible to make it a reality. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the appreciation people have during an event knowing the days, weeks, or month long journey it took to create their vision. We are so honored to have Shawn part of our EC Family again, and to have him not only working in the kitchen with our chefs but allowing him more time to get creative, share new things with our culinary team and allow our menus to continue to evolve in the best possible ways!

Welcome back Shawn! We can’t wait to see what your next adventure holds.

Entertaining Company