Wedding Styling Our Way!

Décor is our “secret sauce” at EC. Let’s face it. Many potential catering clients think we ask A LOT of “odd questions” on the first client wedding call; the type of questions that are about style, décor and color and superficially are not connected with the food itself. Are we just being nosy or why do we need to know all of these seemingly “unrelated” facts? When you first call the wedding caterer, are you thinking we will just hit send for a menu package and that’s the end of it? Sorry, it’s a little more complicated, but much better in the end, we promise! Here’s what Kenny Woodman, our in house designer has to say on the subject of thinking through your wedding aesthetics.

Truth is, we get super geeky about the seasonality of the kind of greens that go into your preferred salad and, at the same time, we are thinking about the color of the salad, the type of plate or bowl it will be served in, or on, and how it fits into the bigger aesthetic picture of your event.  Our stylist, Kenny Woodman, as well as all the EC consultants, will often ask questions of you related to the vibe of the venue you have chosen, as well as huge elements such as the style of your wedding dress and what colors you are attracted to in order to come up with a personal wedding menu and table look.

The choice of color, from hors d’oeuvres passing trays, to the type of salad greens, to multi color soup shooters, to glassware color, plays an important role. Food and vessel selections all work together to create a seamless look and support your vision. We have often changed the color of our butter, from pesto green to sundried tomato red, to better coordinate with a table linen. The passing tray will be designed to make the color of the food “pop”. The specialty drink will be a hot orange color to coordinate with the flowers provided by the décor company. The Orange and Avocado Individual Buffet salads look great on an impactful purple lit table. We would not have offered a clashing color salad on the purple tabletop!

We feel that it’s essential that the style of the pieces we select for your wedding food look appropriate to the venue and look. An industrial venue can have either a modern or rustic vibe. A modern all white interior can have a farm to table vibe. Kenny and the sales consultants will ask many of these questions as to personal preferences when designing both the menu and the appropriate food vessels and trays. The point is, it all has to be intentional! We want to showcase your taste and will think of every which way to do it!

Thank you for contacting Entertaining Company about your wedding or next soiree. We can’t wait to help you through many of your choices that will make your event even more personal.