How to Cocktail like an Italian

EC Sales Consultant Regan Tate recently journeyed to Italy to sample “la bella vita” and along the way she discovered the Spritz. The Spritz, as Regan learned, is a light cocktail enjoyed by people throughout Italy (as well as American tourists).


As Regan traveled through Italy she sampled Spritz after Spritz and found that the precise recipe, ingredients, garnish and glass changed from bar to bar and city to city but a few constants remain!

First, the general recipe is 3 parts Prosecco, with 2 parts Aperol and a Splash of Soda garnished with an orange. You want to pour the liquid over a large cube of ice because you don’t want the drink to be diluted. Sometimes a Spritz is made with Campari but Aperol is a bit sweeter.


Back in the USA, Regan discovered the origin of the name “Spritz” originally came from a 19th Century Austro Hungarian practice of adding a splash (Spritz) to Northern Italian Wines. Could that have been to make the wine less potent? Whatever the reason, the Spritz has become a popular ritual enjoyed throughout Italy. At EC we’re looking forward to serving this delicious light beverage and creating our own version of the Italian cocktail hour.

Please request a Spritz along with your favorite board of Italian snacks at your next summer event! Delizioso!

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