Boho Global Style Bride

Global Boho Style is one of our favorite wedding styles as the food is fresh and artistic and the overall look is eclectic, flowy, and effortlessly pretty.

A “real bohemian”, according to Savannah Miller, is “someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, doesn’t know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box”. We like everything about that style!

 Here are the top three elements that go into making a Global Boho Style Wedding~  

 Natural Materials

Whether burlap or cotton or wood or marble, natural texture, references and elements characterize the Boho Wedding. Waiter passing hors d’oeuvres trays, covered partially with moss, enhance the “natural” Boho look. On the table, we love our 100% natural Odi napkins for a Boho Style wedding which can double as placemats or basket liners.


Flowers can be DIY or professionally arranged but always look effortless and never “tight”. Floral décor might be built around luxurious and opulent flowers or might be simple herbs or lavender arranged artfully.

Containers can be traditional vases or multipurpose containers that may be repurposed and have had an earlier life as an ice bucket, passing tray or ice pitcher.

Wood Board: Mikki, Pitcher: St. Martin, Bucket: Umi


The Boho Brides loves a comfortable gown and shoes that allow her to enjoy her day! The dress may be decorated with lace and embellished with beads. Shoes will not be overly binding.  A comfortable and artistic looking bride floating around among her guests is always a happy Boho bride!


The location of the Global Boho Wedding can be almost anywhere, the more creative the better! Suspended elements and soft touches can enhance the Boho ambience. Often the wedding  location is  a garden or can be held in a venue that looks like a garden.

Photo: HMR Designs

As for the food references, local and global and out of the box is usually the direction.

Bowl: Eaton, Wood Board: Maru

Trays: Edie, Venya