Throwing a Backyard Wedding 101

Summer in Chicago, we’re venturing out of doors. Seems like our brides are increasingly seeing the great outdoors as a wonderful place to hold a wedding.  Backyard weddings are trending and we couldn’t be happier! Rooftop weddings, lake house weddings, back yard wedding are what summer is all about. Everything seems to go effortlessly when you are close to home!

Here are the top three reasons why we recommend a backyard wedding~

Home Weddings are So Personal

Whether your home style is rustically casual or elegantly luxe, you’ll be comfortable at home and less stressed. Your personal style will be already on display. The architecture of your home, colors, and environment can set the tone and give you inspiration for your wedding style. Also, how fun is it to locate areas around your house to take special pictures that call up meaningful memories??

Backyard Wedding BeckDécor by Kehoe Designs

Total Control

You’ll be able to make all the rules when it’s your own house! That means if you’re doing a DIY style affair, you’ll be able to set up leisurely and won’t be constrained with a limited number of on- site hours. If a large tent needs to be erected for your wedding, the tent can start going up a few days before and your florist, landscaping and lighting vendors will have plenty of time to get set before the big day. You’ll be free to move at a leisurely pace and won’t have to coordinate with other brides the day before and the day after.

Backyard Wandering with TST Glassware

Backyard Roofdeck Wedding

Select Any Date

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that finding the right wedding date is a challenge. Calendars must be coordinated between families not to mention vendors and venue. Planning a backyard event at home means that every day is available and at any time of day or night! Now that’s a bit of planning stress that’s removed!
Backyard Casual Wedding, Might be too casual

Select A Caterer~ We know how to work off site!

Off site caterers are accustomed to setting up a field kitchen wherever they go…whether in a field, tent, or even at a client home. At least at Entertaining Company, we never use a home kitchen and prefer staying out of the way and setting up our cooking station in a garage or cook tent. We know exactly how many kitchen, waiter and bartending staff a client needs to accomplish the level of food and service you require. Whereas clients are sometimes initially skeptical about the ability of providing a five star hotel quality food and beverage service to their guests, the joy of providing divine food to your wedding guests under the stars at home will surprise and delight and create lasting memories!

Backyard Barnett-1 Backyard Mexican