Elevating the Humble Vegetables


Our EC chefs have restyled the most humble of seasonal vegetables. Starting with the cucumber, our culinary mixologists have created a lovely ruffled ribbon “carpaccio” garnish atop our Infused Cucumber Refresher Mocktail. We are infusing filtered water with subtle lemongrass and lime. Offered in a special glass, whether vintage, traditional or modern style, our Infused Cucumber Water is simply elegant and a delightful way to welcome guests to your summer ceremony or reception.

We’ve been seeing more weddings with an orzo, risotto, pappardelle, orecchiette pasta first courses complemented by summer fresh vegetables. As a wonderful alternative to a green salad, your wedding guests will be surprised and delighted to receive a beautiful first course of fresh pasta, with bright summer vegetable ribbons topped with a bundle of fresh microgreens. Here is pictured our ricotta gnocchi with roasted honeycrispy apples, baby spinach, lemon ricotta and parsnip chip.


To create a more “substantial” first course, we recommend adding large garlic lemon shrimp to an al dente Orecchiette Pasta with sautéed kale, lemon crema and Korean chili flakes.

We’re  in love with watermelon radishes and lotus chips and are using them in everything from cocktails, salads, and small plates. 


Watermelon radishes are so pretty! Related to the Chinese Daikon radish, their flesh is white closest to the exterior and then goes bright and pink and magenta toward the center. Watermelon radishes taste slightly peppery.

Our EC chefs are looking forward to experimenting this summer with watermelon radishes which we will add to sweet pickled relishes and vinaigrettes incorporating flavors of fennel, apple, onion, and goat cheeses.

Summer asparagus, English peas and Romanesco Broccoli are featured in our Artichoke Panache which is either featured as a vegetarian small plate or light first course at a plated meal.

Carrot ribbons, purple Peruvian potatoes and cucumbers also make a splash when paired with crabmeat for a refreshing luncheon entrée. 

Entertaining-Company-Humble-vegetable-elevating_0248 Entertaining-Company-Humble-vegetable-elevating_0252

Thank you to the farmers that grow delicious summer vegetables and the EC chefs that are continuously reinventing creative presentations for our guests.