Snack Chat

As seen in Mintel’s The Fifty, a look at fascinating markets around the globe, Americans are continuing to move towards more frequent snacking occasions alongside their three standard meals per day. As such, foods that lend themselves to snacking – both healthy and indulgent – are gaining in popularity.


Interestingly, as seen in the report,  94% of Americans snack at least once a day. In addition, 50% of adults reported snacking two to three times a day, and 70% were in agreement that these days, anything can be considered a snack. This is a huge jump from the 64% of those surveyed who said they snacked between meals in 2014.

The craving for snacks is showing up at our Entertaining Company catered events and we are indulging our clients’ with cocktail snacks, late night snacks, and now snacks that combine spicy, sweet and savory together in one snack! We love the surprising contrasts of flavors and are constantly working to develop new combos.

To start, we’ve always been gaga for healthy cocktail snacks like housemade vegetable chips accompanied by fresh condiments that combine spicy/sweet and savory like our mango jalapeno salsa and Muhammara dip which combines red pepper flakes, pomegranate juice and savory garlic and walnuts. (pictured below)


One of our favorite sweet, savory and spicy cocktail snacks is our Indian Chaat, Bhelpuri (pictured below). We were inspired when we saw this snack being sold by Mumbai Indian street vendors from newspapers rolled up into mobile cones. The Entertaining Company chefs upped the ante on this global snack and created our own combination of puffed rice, sev, onions, potatoes and chutney from a housemade handheld cone.


Our catered parties often end with sweet, spicy, and savory snacks in the form of mouth happy spicy chocolate chili truffles and spiced chocolate covered potato chips.

We’d love to hear what snack items you most crave and what are your favorite sweet, spicy and savory treats????