Wedding Season in India

It is scientifically proven that entertaining increases the production of dopamine, a chemical our body releases to be happy. People are motivated to entertain to feel joy, while strengthening their bonds of friendship, creating familiarity and sharing moments that will turn into the memories of lifetime.

And one of the most popular reasons to host and entertain is a wedding. We recently returned from celebrating a family wedding in India. Like June in the U.S., December is the most popular month for weddings in India, not only for the pleasant weather, but also because it is auspicious, or favorable, for a successful marriage. Since it’s high wedding season, it is not unusual to attend a wedding on a Tuesday in mid-December, and even more likely that you may have multiple weddings to attend in a day.

Our hosts for the wedding had a vision– not only did they want to make sure that their closest family and friends from all over the world enjoyed the traditional Indian multi-day wedding, but they also wanted to introduce their loved ones to each other in a series of pre-wedding functions. Beginning three weeks before the wedding, we attended event after event, each one lovingly designed to foster relationships between the guests of the two families. From cocktail parties to birthday celebrations to casino night and even a friendly game of cricket between two families, the entertaining was top-notch!

The wedding was the best I had ever been to in my life, because I had come to not only know, but love, the majority of both the groom and bride’s family and friends. And in today’s modern age of social media, not only did we dance and drink together, but we selfie’d, Snapchatted, and shared our stories on Facebook & Instagram. And when I came home, I had an inbox full of new friend requests, but even more valuable to me, a heart full of love, laughter and memories as well plans to reunite soon!