Modern Wedding Registry

There’s nothing that brings out some strong feelings like the subject of the WEDDING REGISTRY.

In a world where many, if not most, couples getting married, have already moved in together, there’s the question of relevancy~ “why” a registry? What runs through your mind is that your place is small, or you intend to move a number of times in the next few years, or who needs any more things anyway? The whole registry ideas seems so out of date, so traditional, until you really think about what happens once you announce “we’re getting married”.

First, all the older generation (those that have time on their hands to start planning, early) start asking, where are you registered? You could definitely take a pass and say “nowhere” until you start to consider that all those people who are asking are now going to go to stores and buy you a mass of “stuff” that isn’t your style. Prior to now, you’ve perhaps amassed a series of mismatched forks, knives and spoons. Could the registry be an opportunity to upgrade (at someone else’s expense)?

What is your style? Maybe engagement is the time to start thinking about becoming more intentional~ design wise.  What is your lifestyle now and in five years? What would  you want if you could “have anything”. Are you all casual? A mix of casual with hosting a holiday dinner thrown in? Just friends come over? Do you dream of  gathering family and friends at your place every Sunday?

We’ve curated at The Storied Table a selection of three general styles to get you started:

Modern and Sleek, Traditional, and Eclectic.. all three mixed and matched is our special style. What is yours? Whatever you choose, our products are artisan produced and not mass.

Consider adding The Storied Table link on to your wedding site and we’ll be happy to assist your wedding guests in any way we can. Delivery right to you or (to your MOM if you are space challenged!).

Post pics on Instagram and Tag #mystoriedwedding to get your own 20% personal promo code . We look forward to seeing your own storied home develop.