Produce Out of Box

We do love our seasonal produce and Autumn finds us being inspired and using the best of the season in surprising worldly ways. Pomegranates, please bring them on. We’re using this Med style fruit from seasonal fab cocktails to a surprising addition to All American Cornbread Stuffing.

Figs..we love them all ways. From jam to a goat cheese tart with fresh figs, yum! Fig Yoghurt by Aris Yoghurt was our favorite discovery this weekend at the Los Angeles Farmers Market.  Unfortunately Aris doesn’t ship their yoghurt but a quick search shows up what looks to be an alternate delicious recipe by Tyler Florence.

Here it is and we can’t wait to try from breakfast to dinner:

Those of our clients who enjoy a lighter healthful approach to their special event entrée are opting for our “EC out of the produce box” Wanton Parcel encasing sun-dried tomato, Humboldt Farm Goat Cheese, Pickled Mango, Green Asparagus, Mini Beet Chips, Cauliflower and Purple Peruvian Potato with Micro Green Garnish. With an abundance of flavors and textures, we’re not missing a beat or the meat.

Have you tried a Bolani yet?

Bolanis are vegan, unleavened stuffed flatbreads from Afghanistan that are often a street food snack. Here we are sampling a spinach, pesto and sun-dried Bolani and can’t wait to replicate at EC. We’re going to be offering these vegetable delicacies at holiday finger food parties in both savory and sweet  versions with fillings as varied as lentils, pumpkin, and potato alongside chutney or yogurt sauce.

Trending right now and featuring Autumn produce is our Moroccan-Inspired Butternut Squash, Apricot & Chicken Tagine along with preserved lemon.

Is it any wonder we are loving the Fall?