Nancy Deal Finding Joy in the Handmade

Nancy Deal has been making jewelry for 30 years. Luckily, we were able to convince Nancy to try her hand at “table jewelry”~ that is, embellishments for the dining table.  We are so happy with the results of our collaboration.

Nancy’s napkin ring styles for The Storied Table are both elegant and cutting edge. The stenciled Tatto brass fork and knife set would fit in well at a Mughals table…we love it on our cheeseboard to elevate even a simple food offering into something fit for a special occasion.

We’re always searching for gifts for our entertaining friends and when it’s a guy, it’s even more challenging. We think Nancy’s Bancroft and Kent leather coasters with stencils would raise the ante on any bar setup.

Clearly these are not standard kitchen or tabletop items and Nancy is inspired by the edgiest of design. In fashion, Nancy’s influences are wide ranging~ from Ann Demeulemeester (Antwerp Belgium), Yohji Yamamoto (Japan), Commes de Garcons (France ) to Rick Owens ( United States). We’ve pinned some of Nancy’s fashion inspirations as well as artist inspirations from Alexander Calder to Art Smith to Ted Muehling.

Nancy finds that her major challenge is finding enough time to work. Jewelry, as she describes, is a slow process, very time intensive. “The actual hands on fabrication of the work is where the joy is” as Nancy describes.

We would call Nancy’s style a worldly poetic minimalism, very much what we love at The Storied Table. We look forward to featuring more of Nancy’s exclusive designs in the coming months. Stay tuned!