True Blue Inspirations

At The Storied Table, we’re true blue. Well, blue and white that is. From the umbrellas of Amalfi to the shores of the Bosphorus, we love the richness, sadness, joyousness, crispness, and royalty of that color pairing.

My personal passion for blue and white started with a place setting of Royal Copenhagen that I received for a wedding present. It was such a magical set that I started collecting one of the seeds leading to the creation of TST was planted.

Flash forward to 2014 when we started our sourcing journey. Blue was heavily on our mind, beckoning us closer. We journeyed to Jaipur to take a look at the famous Blue Pottery there.

After leaving our hotel and buzzing around the neighborhood and getting utterly lost, our driver finally pulled up to a building with tiny little sign. We never did find out why a group of men in pajamas started flying out of the lower level but one of them graciously got the generator going so that we could descend upon a treasure trove of Jaipur Blue Pottery. We didn’t end up adding the Jaipur Blue Pottery to our collection but we did find many more ways to indulge our blue and white passion~ in textiles we feel in love with the SEL tabletop runner and Ozlem runner. We love the hand-painted Seki bowls which we are using at our house for everything from condiments on the table to dinnertime soup. And now we’re in the process of working on a Mali indigo linen project for tabletop~ standby on that! Napkins, placemats, and tablecloths coming soon.