Winter White

There’s nothing sweet about Winter (as we freeze today in sub zero weather) however, some of our most luscious Entertaining Company events have taken place in Winter.

We find that there’s something so wonderfully Wintery about an elegant white dessert buffet whether at a wedding or at a residential event. There are so many ways to style these dessert buffets and using the season to dictate the color seems perfect. Whether for a black tie formal affair or a party at home~ here are some of our Entertaining Company favorites…


What could be more intimate and old school than dessert among books? Here we entertained our friends in the Entertaining Company Library with White Frosted Snowflake Cookies, White Cake Pops with Sprinkles, White Chocolate and Dulce de Leche retro hinged containers, and a White Frosted Gingerbread Jelly Roll Cake that harkens back to a time when retiring to the library, sipping an after dinner drink and “taking” dessert after dinner was expected. We were delighted with the artistry and sweetness of our dessert chefs, Jacqueline and Antonio.   


White, light and modern describes this dessert buffet of individual desserts. We like the simplicity of the design and our ability to easily replenish these “individuals” so that the buffet remains pristine and full throughout the evening.  Cute white single containers (like the ones we love from Tablescapes) containing crème brulee, white pavlovas with fresh fruit, vanilla cheesecakes and meringues added to the crisp look of this buffet.  


All white and sweet! Our white cake and candy buffet features vanilla cupcakes with white frosting, individual coffee cakes drizzled with white frosting, mini white milkshakes with white chocolate straws, old fashion Italian Pizzelles with powdered sugar, vanilla tarts with candied orange garnish and vanilla mousse in martini sippers.


We loved this modern style white with gold accent  dessert buffet we catered at The Ivy RoomGold eggcups filled with White Chocolate Mousse, to be lusciously savored using white ceramic spoons, provided a dramatic finish to the wedding.

We’re wild about white…Here’s to sweet endings, W