Dinner for 1000? Done.

What takes 80 front-of-house staff, 70 Chafers, 7 Double Door Refrigerated Coolers, and 48,000 plates and forks?  The Green Tie Ball — scheduled for dinner time on September 15, 2012 at Finkl Forgings, of course!

This year 1000+ of Chicago’s most active environmentalists, young professionals, and media figures will be treated to one of the biggest foodie-events of the year, complete with an over-the-top Alice in Wonderland theme,  DJ Pete Wentz and the always innovative and dynamic theater spectacle: Redmoon Theater.  And I am proud to say, that Entertaining Company will be lending operational support in the coordination of the evening’s  food and drink!

Sometimes at Entertaining Company we like to give our chefs the night off — and surprisingly, this is one of those nights as the Green Tie Ball has invited 60+ restaurant chefs to represent their restaurants, showcase their talents and take over the stoves.  But, we’re still heavily involved…as every fork used, every plate served, every glass of champagne poured, will be done so at the hands of Entertaining Company’s staff.  What an undertaking!

With a reputation as Chicago’s up-market caterer, known for customized, inspired, “restaurant-quality” menus…you might think that this is outside of our wheelhouse….but you’d be wrong!  With a commitment to detail like ours, operations and logistics have long been a considerable focus of ours at Entertaining Company. And so, the planning in our offices has begun to ramp up to a mind-melting speed.  There is much to do before September 15.

If you haven’t heard of The Green Tie Ball, the story is charming. Starting as a street party in 1992, now has morphed into the major Black Tie Event of the season. This year, the evening will be co-chaired by Donnie Sorrino and our friend and client, Corri McFadden (of VH1’s “House of Consignment” and founder of fabulous eDrop-off, the country’s premier online designer consignment store.  We’re talking luxury designer reuse here, what could be greener??)

Entertaining Company is excited to be part of this fantastic evening. Tickets are available starting at $125.00 and can be purchased here, and for more information about the Green Tie Ball, click here!