Vegetarian EC  snacks of Paneer Hakka Balls, Four Corner Potato and Pea Samosas, Chaat Bhelpuri of Tomato, Potato, Onion, with Tamarind Chutney in an edible cone …these are some of the treats we are relishing now that it is Diwali, the South Asian Harvest Festival  of Lights.

Celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs, Diwali is celebrated around the world November 3-7 and food is a central part of the celebration~ we are fans!   With a vegetarian food focus in honor of Lord Krishna, we are setting the mood by lighting lamps to dispel “darkness and evil”  and marking the season of celebration with easy to eat on the run Mitai”, the general term between snacks, dessert and candy, as seen in this buffet spread, designed by Kehoe Designs.(South Asian cocktail treats by Entertaining Company.)

We originally fell in love with the snacks of India on the streets of New Delhi

To balance the savory and keep all ages interested, we’re thinking a Diwali Ice Cream Sundae Bar (with a touch of the exotic) will do the trick with flavors of Kulfi , Mango Sorbet, Coconut Ice Cream, with big chunky mix ins of our favorite Vosges Haut Chocolate Naga Bar  featuring deep milk chocolate flavored with sweet Indian curry and coconut flakes. YUM. We’re also offering EC coconut barfi bites, ginger snap cookie crumbles, toasted sweet and savory nuts. To top it off, caramel sauce, vanilla ginger sauce and we’ll have sustainable Verterra bowls to hold it all, made from Indian leaves fused with water.

Happy Diwali all friends and family and for extra visual ideas please visit our Pinterest page at www.pinterest.com/wendyp/indian-food-celebration.