The Mediterranean Middle East: Undiscovered

If you know the work that we do at Entertaining Company, you know that we embrace bold flavors and big color. You’ve seen us delight in spicy South Indian cuisine, marvel at Japanese umami and everything else in between.

This season we’re mad about menus that highlight bright and colorful Mediterranean Middle Eastern flavors. Before you begin to dream of feta cheese, lemon, and olives – let us take you down a different path…

Mediterranean Middle Eastern cuisine is a broad term – after all the Mediterranean Sea provides coastline to no fewer than 22 countries – from Croatia to Spain, Albania to Morocco, Israel to Italy. This is truly global cuisine with amazing variety!

We are smitten with the hundreds of veggie-centric meals that Mediterranean Middle Eastern cuisine features. Sabzi Salad, Fattoush, Falafel, and smoky Baba Ghanoush offer the ultimate in grazing menus.  Accompany these treats with a grand presentation of pita bread, crackers, bread sticks, and crostini and watch your guests tuck in with gusto. Add grilled meat­, (lamb, chicken, beef) and vegetables…the spread is complete.
To give a little more insight into the breadth and depth of flavor profiles bordering the Mediterranean Sea, check out our round up here.  (And, because we can’t tempt you with flavor without following through with a local hook up, find our favorite restaurant finds for Med/Mid around Chicago too!)

Greece: roasted lemon, olives, feta cheese, and tomatoes
Our local favorite: The Athenian Room

Croatia: paprika, garlic, olive oil, fresh seafood and meats
Our local favorite: Beograd Cafe

Turkey: spicy meat kebabs, rice, eggplant, potatoes
Our local favorite: Café Orchid

Lebanon: tabbouleh, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, marinated seafood
Our local favorite: Taste of Lebanon Restaurant

Israel: falafel, cucumbers in lemon, tahini, cous cous
Our local favorite: Benjehuda

Egypt: legumes, pita, nuts, seeds, eggplant, meat kabobs, rice stuffing
Our local favorite: Kan Zaman

Morocco: mint, olives, dried fruits, lemon pickle, tagine meats
Our local favorite: Shokran

Looking for an overall Mediterranean Middle Eastern experience, check out Al Bawadi in Bridgeport. It’s a Wendy Pashman favorite!!