The EC Staff Goes Green!

Our EC Team works on being a little greener every day.  The little things that we do make a big difference! Here are some of their favorite ways to be eco-savvy…

Wendy Pashman


“I work hard to recycle and upcycle paper and metal.  When I work on my art projects, I always try to find old materials to transform, rather than buy new art materials. My goal for the Spring and Summer months is going to be taking on the 3.5 mile walk to work, rather than driving!”


Shawn Doolin


“In addition to switching to biodegradable disposables last year, we are composting in our kitchens and have just started working with a company to recycle our cooking oil into biodiesel which is both environmentally effective, and economical for the company!“



Norma Maloney

“From Spring until the first frost, I raise a variety of heirloom vegetables, herbs and maintain two fruit trees that produce 4 varieties of plums and cherries on each tree! I love to harvest my mini-crops and drop off the extras with neighbors and friends!”



Julie Fitzgerald


I work hard to recycle, eat and shop locally, whenever possible and I love growing my own vegetables during the summer months.”



Michael Collins 

       “I like to save energy by making sure that I purchase compact fluorescent bulbs, instead of traditional lightbulbs.  I always try to unplug appliances when not in use, and of course, drive with the top down during warmer months so as to reduce emissions from running the air conditioning!  (And have fun, while I am doing it!)”



Marissa Paulsgrove

“My fiancé and I  recycle almost everything, ride our bikes everywhere when the weather is nice, we use energy efficient light bulbs and take public transportation whenever possible!”



Denise Robinette

“After long summer weekends at the lake, I noticed that many of my friends and neighbors at the lake did not recycle.  I felt guilty throwing away bottle after bottle (it is summer after all…) and I felt that I should do something to initiate recycling efforts.  For the past year, I’ve collected bottles and recyclable goods from the lake each weekend and haul them back to Chicago in my top-down convertible.  I feel I am doing my little part in keeping the lake and the environment clean.”


Molly Fennel


 “Brien and I compost at home and are hoping that our next car will be the Prius V!”



Regan Tate


“I take public transportation, buy local produce, and am a big fan of Meatless Mondays”



Harold Kirchner

“I have my own worm farm that helps compost everything we have at home!  Busy little guys! They are happy and so are we!”




Andrea Hammill

“We try not to use our car on the weekends. We walk or take the train.   We only buy grass fed natural/organic meat and produce. I only drink water out of a Sigg (re-usable aluminum water bottle), no plastic water bottles!  And, I only use re-useable shopping bags when going grocery shopping!”



Kenneth Woodman

“I use energy-efficient light bulbs, use a Brita filter instead of drinking bottled water, and I take very quick showers!”




Katherine Casky


“I prefer to cook and eat organic and local as one of the ways to incorporate green living into my lifestyle.  We are fortunate in Chicago to have great farmer’s markets. I find myself traveling the neighborhoods and meeting up with friends at these markets, especially in the warmer months.”