The 3 Great Vegetarian Ideas for Your Wedding Menu


I am not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy eating as one from time to time.  When this urge strikes, I am always surprised at the lack of creativity and character that is offered among typical vegetarian menu options.  That stack of roasted vegetables with goat cheese desperately needs a make-over.

Here are 3 ideas for the vegetarian bride (and the bride who is plotting vegetarian menu options,) on how to go green on your menu when good taste is the goal.

1)    It Takes One to Know One…

Be sure to ask your caterer if they have a vegetarian in the kitchen.  Too often, non-vegetarian cooks forget little carnivorous details out of habit or lack of awareness. At Entertaining Company, we always make sure that a vegetarian sous chef is overseeing all things veggie-centric.

2)    Green Can Take Center Stage

Instead of making the center of the plate protein, allowing guests to add on sides.  Instead of expecting your vegetarian guests to fill up on green beans and mashed potatoes for dinner, flip it and reverse it.  Make the centerpiece of the plate pure veggies and grains and then have waiters serve meat-eating guests with roast beef, lamb, or salmon, French-style. This way, vegetarians enjoy a beautiful meal that isn’t presented as an afterthought, and your meat-eating guests will be satisfied too!

3)    Grains: Get Ready for Greatness

Pasta is often what meat-eaters think of as an option when they’re not eating meat.  Pasta is delicious, no doubt.  But is it special enough?  If you’re looking for some WOW-factor, consider grains like quinoa, cous cous, millet, or barley to give your veggie menu a boost.

Here are some of our favorite seasonal vegetarian dishes at Entertaining Company:

Fall: Autumn Vegetable Pave
sweet potato, butternut squash, turnip, caramelized onion, pistachios, figs and brown butter

Winter: Buckwheat Crépe
collection of seasonal mushrooms

Spring: Spring Phyllo Basket
spilling over with artichokes, hearts of palm, leeks, and baby stem-on carrots

Summer: Kale-Ricotta Souffle
heirloom tomato drizzle, kale chip garnish

And…if you’re dining around town, here are some of our favorite veggie dishes from some of Chicago’s best, on menus right now !

We are obsessed with Stephanie Izard’s chickpea fritters with stewed winter greens and Prairie Fruits chevre from The Girl and the Goat.

Check out Paul Virant’s Nichols Farm Butternut Squash Panna Cotta with caramelized egg, Prairie Breeze cheddar, apple, and pickled onions at Perennial Virant

Rick Bayless’ Red Chile Kale can’t be missed if you’re a veggie lover. Local black kale is paired with guajillo chile sauce, local potatoes, wood-grilled onions, and anejo cheese at his landmark Frontera Grill.