Simple Style is Easy


Meatball Sandwich with Marinara Sauce, Roasted Peppers and Onions -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

Entertaining Company’s Simple Style Menus…the same down to earth “get it done” lunchtime satisfaction that can be found in Brooklyn’s food culture. Okay, it’s true, in Brooklyn, even the construction workers are eating well; tucking into  stick to the ribs eggplant parmesan or meatball sub for lunch. No matter where they are, they are eating something that is truly memorable.

Entertaining Company’s Simple Style menus are grounded in the same good food anywhere philosophies. There is more to lunch than turkey sandwiches and Caesar salad. We’re sure of it.

You want ethnic, we’ve got hand-rolled meatballs on just made torpedo rolls, how about Mideastern? Let’s do some vegetable phyllo with spinach, carrots, pine nuts and goat cheese, or Indian? What about Tandoori chicken breast and biryani and handmade naan. Feeling a bit well off? We’ve got salmon fillet with tamarind shallot sauce we can send over to the office.

There’s a world out there and it’s all working…why should you be bored at your next office lunch when we can deliver the world in a plate?  Entertaining Company can deliver it all….with ready-to-take-off-lid-and-go trays that make any lunch a beautiful presentation instantly!  Our latest menus are here, we’re ready to meet you at your office tomorrow!  Learn more here.