Bar Antipasti



Antipasti sounds good. Always.

Simple white bowls overflowing with beautiful, colorful antipasti. You see it in Italy, you see it in Brooklyn, you see it at homes and offices where Entertaining Company has been.

Grilled artichokes, marinated lupini beans, all sorts of olives, balls of fresh bocconcini, garden giardiniera, goat cheese stuffed peppadew peppers and sundried tomatoes in olive oil….the bright, vibrant colors knock me out.

It strikes me that these bowls can become a Bar Buffet. Allowing guests to grab some snacks during the cocktail hour while waiting for the main event dinner. With wine, with a Negroni, with a martini…sometimes you want to munch on a deliciously marinated vegetable and not wait for a waiter to make a round. You want to take matters into your own hands and feed yourself (how novel!).

There’s no better way than to march right up to the Bar Buffet and treat yourself to some EC antipasti. A rainbow of colors and delicious. We are inspired by the antipasto of Italy as seen in Brooklyn and now offered in Chicago, at the best EC parties. Raise your glass and pop a peppadew.

Cent’ Anni.