Have it Your Own Way. Condiments Are Happiness.

“I just like it the way I like it!” – Sally Albright

We all remember that iconic line (among many,) from When Harry Met Sally. And while Sally loved to have control of all of the flavor that was involved in her food…I am going to bet that you feel the exact same way.

There’s no denying that we are living in the time of personalization. “Have it your way,” is no longer a slogan for a fast food burger, but an entire way of life.

I can tell you that at Entertaining Company, condiments are, literally, the secret sauce to everything we do.

Want to turn that all-American hamburger into a Korean slider?
What to turn a Mitzvah Meatball into a Hakka, an Indo-Chinese delicacy?

It can happen quickly with merely the flick of a squeeze bottle.

Our guests have come to demonstrate such a love for condiments, that they ask for actual condiment bars at their event.  We’re so happy to oblige! We’ve  become masters in the art of getting saucy.

Here’s how you do it:

Take the basics (Mom’s Mayo and Classic Bread and Butter Pickles,) and then start building on. Going Asian!?  Gochujang ketcup make everything sweet and savory.   Mexico?  Chili Mayo? And Salsa! (Don’t stop at one….try 3-4 salsas!) Maybe add on a pesto?  Mix it up with a world of savory and sweet pickled carrots, red cabbage, cucumbers, okra, lemon, and tomatoes. Infused oils, spicy or herbal!?  And then there’s the ubiquitous Sriracha!  Don’t forget that!  Guests will love to do their own squirting, dolloping, or drizzling. Most of all, they’ll get it just as they like it.

Sally Albright would be proud!