The Wedding Sessions All Week! Today: Why a Wedding Planner!

I have been a caterer in Chicago for nearly 25 years and would like to think that I have seen every kind of bride!  Highly-detailed brides, casual brides, nervous brides…I’ve seen the lot.  But, without a doubt, even when I am working with a very hands-on bride, I find that when they’ve invested in working with a Wedding Planner, they are the most comfortable set of brides who we see at Entertaining Company.

Why do I use the term “comfortable”?  Because they’re the brides who already have the “inside scoop”.  A Planner, such as my dear friend, Anthony, from Liven It Up, has glimpsed the future when it comes to pulling off the perfect wedding.  They’ve advised their brides as to what to expect in every sense. The result?  A bride with a planner maximizes her catering budget and doesn’t get frazzled or change her mind a lot.  She’s confident because she has all the facts in front of her.  She stays on course and, ultimately, she gets the exact wedding that she’s always dreamed of.

In today’s video, Anthony and I delve into why a wedding planner is one of the most important investments that a bride can make as she traverses the wedding planning arena.