Family-Style Delivery Menu for November 10 – November 13, 2020

We’re excited to share a new drop-off menu with you.

Highlights include: turkey chili, red wine braised beef short ribs, blood orange seared salmon, classic American sides, cocktail kits, and more.

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Menu for November 10 – November 13, 2020

  • Orders are due 48 hours in advance of delivery
  • No delivery fee within 25 miles of Downtown Chicago
  • Delivery between 1-4pm
  • Heating instructions will be included
  • 5-person minimum

Turkey Chili

Macaroni noodles, sour cream, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, chopped chives, housemade cheddar crackers & individual bread bowls, sea salt and cracked black pepper baked potatoes; arugula salad with radish, shaved parmesan, heirloom tomatoes, champagne balsamic vinaigrette; cornbread muffins with whipped honey butter, Autumn desserts.

$20.00 per person – 5 person minimum

Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs

Creamy Asiago whipped potatoes, roasted root vegetables, wedge salad with iceberg wedge, blue cheese, turkey bacon, tomato, buttermilk herb dressing; Pull Apart Rolls, sea salt with herbed butter; Autumn Desserts.

$26.00 per person – 5 person minimum

Chicken Tacos

Guajillo chili sauce, corn and flour tortillas, queso, chopped tomatoes & shredded lettuce, housemade tortilla chips, guacamole and pico de gallo, corn elote; chopped salad of romaine, tomatoes, radish, avocado, cilantro, charred corn, queso, lime vinaigrette; Mexican chocolate and banana empanadas.

$20.00 per person – 5 person minimum

Blood Orange Seared Salmon

Charred blood orange wedges and fresh thyme, orzo and rice pilaf, roasted heirloom carrots; arugula salad with radish, shaved parmesan, heirloom tomatoes, champagne balsamic vinaigrette, Pull Apart Rolls with sea salt and herbed butter; Autumn desserts.

$22.00 per person — 5 person minimum


Pretzel crusted chicken fingers w/ hot honey mustard dipping sauce – $14.00 (6 pcs)

Baked mac n cheese – $15.00 (serves 6)

Chopped salad – romaine, grilled chicken breast, hard cooked egg, avocado, tomato, cucumber, feta, green goddess dressing – $26.00 (serves 4)

Eggplant parmesan$34.00 (serves 6)

Tuscan orzo – garlic, spinach, lemon, blistered tomatoes, parmesan and burrata cheese – $24.00 (serves 4)

Chicken + root vegetable pot pies – $24.00 (4 individual pies)


($14.00 per Quart, Serves 4)

Chicken and wild rice

Minestrone soup, shaved parmesan on the side

Zuppa Toscana soup with kale, garlic, vegetables, spicy Italian sausage, parmesan on the side


Hot apple cider kit – fresh pressed apple cider, cinnamon sticks, dehydrated apples, spiced cinnamon sugar donut holes – $22.00 (serves 4)

Individual chocolate fudge cakes – mocha buttercream filling, topped with chocolate mousse and salted caramel drizzle – $24.00 (serves 4)

Autumn cookie kit – Autumn shaped sugar cookies with frostings and Fall inspired sprinkles – $24.00 (serves 4)

Cocktail Kits

Apple cider mule – vodka, apple cider, ginger beer, cinnamon, dehydrated apple wheel garnish – $30.00 (serves 2)

Blackberry smash – vodka, muddled blackberries, honey, lemon juice, blood orange simple syrup, dehydrated blood orange and rosemary sprig – $30.00 (serves 2)

Autumn sangria – white wine, brandy, apple juice, lemon juice, apple cider, ginger beer, pomegranates, gala apples, anise and blood oranges – $30.00 (serves 2)

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