Halloween Menu, 2020

We have a delightfully delicious, spooky, scary Halloween menu for your family this October.

Highlights include: Witches Brew chili, Jack-O-Lantern pot pies, mummy dogs, cocktail kits, Halloween cookie kits, and more.

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We look forward to serving you.

Halloween 2020

  • Orders due by Saturday, October 24th
  • Orders can be delivered on Friday, October 30 between 1-4pm or Saturday, October 31st between 9am-12pm
  • Heating instructions will be included

Witches Brew Chili

Turkey chili – macaroni noodles, sour cream, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, chopped chives, housemade cheddar crackers and individual bread bowls. Sea salt and cracked pepper potatoes. Grilled cheese of sharp cheddar cheese with roasted tomatoes on a baguette. Apple salad with arugula, crunchy apples, pomegranate seeds and toasted chickpeas, cider vinaigrette. Cornbread muffins with whipped honey butter. Spooky treats.

$22.00 per person – 5 person minimum

Jack-O-Lantern Pot Pies

Chicken with root vegetables ($24/4 for individual pies), beef and ale with carrots, shallots and fresh herbs ($32/4 individual pies).

Individual pricing options listed above

Mummy Dogs (Pigs in a Blanket)

Mustard in mini syringe.

$18.00 per person – serves 6


Halloween Cookie Kit

Halloween shaped sugar cookies with frostings and Halloween inspired sprinkles

$22.00, serves 4

Caramel Apple Kit

Apples, caramel sauce, mini chocolate chips, Halloween sprinkles, candy bones

$30.00 – serves 4

S’mores Kits

Housemade graham crackers, large marshmallows, chocolate bars

$20.00 (serves 5)

Halloween Sweet “Charcuterie” Board

Halloween sugar cookies, caramel apples, Jack Skeleton oreos, Halloween candy, S’mores apple pops, spooky chocolate bark with salted caramel, trick or treat caramel corn, pumpkin cheesecake jars with cinnamon whipped cream, presented on a beautiful wood board.

$110.00 – serves 6

Haunted House Chocolate Cookie Kit

8 cookie pieces to build the house, black, orange and purple icing, candy bones, bats, sprinkles, Halloween candy.


Spooky Cocktail Kits

The Grave Digger – vodka, muddled blackberries, honey, fresh lemon juice, blood orange, simple syrup, dehydrated blood orange & rosemary sprig with a tiny shovel stir

$30.00 – 2 servings per kit

Hallowine Sangria – red wine, brandy, blackberries, pomegranate simple syrup, apple cider, ginger beer, pomegranates, blood orange

$30.00 – 2 servings per kit

Vampire Bite – bourbon, muddled mandarine oranges, syringe with blood orange simple syrup & bitters, dehydrated blood orange

$30.00 – 2 servings per kit

Kids Mocktails

Witches Brew – purple lemonade, edible glitter, witch and bat gummy skewers

$6.00 – 1 serving

The Spider Bite – muddled strawberries, mandarin juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, spider gummy skewers

$6.00 – 1 serving

Call our team at 312.829.2800 to place your order or email info@entertainingcompany.com.