Memorial Day Weekend Delivery Menu for May 25, 2020

Happy Monday, everyone!
It’s hard to believe it but Memorial Day Weekend is coming up quick. We’ve put together a delicious delivery menu for you all, filled with classic American favorites.

Highlights include: Kobe beef pub burgers, black bean quinoa veggie burgers, Caesar salad, chopped salad, homemade potato chips, fresh berries and watermelon, keylime parfait, and more! We have pre-grilled and ready-to-grill options to suit whatever your plans are.

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We look forward to serving you.


  • orders are due by 5pm, Wednesday, May 20th
  • heating instructions will be included
  • 5-person minimum

Kobe Beef and Veggie Burgers

Kobe beef pub burgers; turkey burgers with spinach and feta; black bean quinoa veggie burgers; marinated chicken breast with lime zest, fresh herbs. All burgers are accompanied with brioche rolls, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onion, and sweet yellow onion, mustard, ketchup and herbed aioli.
$28.00 per person – 5 person minimum (for entire menu)

Accompaniments <Salads, Pasta Salad, Grilled + Charred Veggies, Potato Chips, etc.>

Chopped salad of chopped romaine, tomatoes, radish, avocado, cilantro, charred corn and queso w lime vinaigrette; Caprese salad with burrata mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, fresh snipped basil and balsamic vinaigrette; chopped Caesar salad with romaine, shaved parmesan, crisps, oven roasted tomatoes, caesar dressing; grilled summer vegetables; grilled broccolini with ginger orange gremolata; charred corn with queso fresco; penne pasta salad with grilled vegetables and sundried tomato vinaigrette; summer farro salad with snap peas, heirloom carrot ribbons, feta, peppadew peppers, fresh herbs, vinaigrette; EC homemade potato chips, roasted fingerling potato salad, watermelon wedges and fresh berries with mint.
$28.00 per person – 5 person minimum (for entire menu)


Chocolate angel food cake with fresh raspberries and chantilly cream; blueberry lemon tarts; strawberry rhubarb crisp, “Brookie’s” (half chocolate chip cookie, half brownie, in individual breakable containers); keylime parfait with layers of keylime curd, whipped cream, shortbread crumble and fresh mint.
$28.00 per person – 5 person minimum (for entire menu)


Strawberry shortcake kit$15.00 (serves 4)

S’mores kits$20 (serves 5)  

Beef tenderloin steaks$12 per person

Cucumber Spritz Cocktail Kits$30 (serves 2)

Blueberry Mint Julep Cocktail Kits$30 (serves 2)

Corona Beer – 12oz bottles, $8/6 pack + Corona Light, 12oz bottles, $8/6 pack

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