Summer Dessert Buffet

Beautiful light, blush pink is still a very popular color for summer weddings. We have been in the wedding catering business for over 25 years and we still look forward to transforming a wedding simply by presenting food in new and elevated ways. For this summer dessert buffet our clients wanted a very modern, color blocked display. We accented with fresh florals and earthy greens.

The menu for this dessert station included a variety of traditional wedding sweet treats with a pink and white twist. We believe a cupcake display is not complete without the red velvet cake with buttercream frosting and so we took liberties with the “pink” theme. Cake pops in a variety of flavors are an extremely popular dessert item. For this wedding, we decorated each chocolate and vanilla cake pop by hand with delicate blush pink and white detailing.

For the guests that prefer a lighter dessert, we added a creamy raspberry and vanilla parfait. The parfaits included layers of housemade mousse, with fresh berries, garnished with a small shaving of dark chocolate. We used a clear vessel to showcase the color blocking design. Our in house design team used white lucite boxes as risers to create a multi level display. Small plated desserts like chocolate truffles and cannolis were included. The cannolis were filled with a sweet strawberry cream, dusted with powdered sugar.

We get a lot of requests for pink inspired food and decor elements. We created a board on our Pinterest page solely for collecting pink inspirations. From food to fashion, the light blush pink is still trending. If you’re looking for more pink inspired items, click here to view our board.