Plant-Based Protein

The world of meat eaters is changing. We know this based on the amount of vegetarian and vegan requests we get for just about every menu we write. People are changing their diets to a more plant based focused meal plan and we wanted to share a few ways we are adapting to these changes. When people make the decision to cut meat out of their diet, the first thing everyone tends to wonder is how they will get their protein. What most don’t realize is that protein from meat is only one of the many ways the human body gets protein and those are the items we have started using more in our menus.

African Heritage Diet

The culture in West Africa is centered around a traditional way of eating which is consuming only fresh fruits and vegetables. This menu uses nuts, rice, whole grain flatbread, the use of healthy oils and making all sauces from scratch. Our Creative Culinary Director, Shawn, has found this region to be extremely influential in the research of plant based menu items. Within our seasonal menus, all ingredients are fresh and most dishes are made from scratch making it extremely easy for our kitchen team to make adjustments as needed.

Super-food Grains

There are many grains that contain high levels of plant based protein. A few of our favorites to incorporate into our meals include quinoa, brown rice, and wild rice. Quinoa is extremely versatile. Our chefs use it in both savory dishes and sweet items. For example, we recently started serving puffed quinoa candy bars that are made with dark chocolate, shaved coconut and a few other delicious ingredients making this somewhat of a “healthy” sweet treat.

Plant Based Menus

Our new Spring Party Menus, linked here, have a wide variety of options including plant based items. A few of our most popular items include the spinach and portabella veggie sliders, the avocado toast with pickled onions, asparagus and truffle flatbread bites and the gluten free spring green spring salad. We also try to keep most of our accompaniments meatless, packed with vegetables.